Tips and Tricks for Great Smartphone Photography

Tips and Tricks for Great Smartphone Photography

Phone companies have sought to make smartphone cameras more and more remarkable. From increasing photo resolution to adding lenses, various features have been added to smartphone cameras to help them offer exceptional photography experiences. To ensure you take great phone camera shots, have a smartphone with the latest photography features. By looking at mobile phone company reviews such as see ShopTo reviews, one can choose the companies to get great photography smartphones. Once you have a great smartphone, you need to equip yourself with the below tips and tricks to ensure that you take great smartphone photos.

Ensure that the lens is clean

If you find that the photos you take with your smartphone have a milky look, this isn’t always an internal camera problem. Instead, the most common cause of such photos is a dirty lens.  Typically smartphone users spend the entire day with their phones, making calls, chatting, having it in the pocket among other uses, making it easy to get dirt particles on the camera lens. The smartphones front camera lens is also always prone to getting oil from your palms and fingers. To ensure you get quality pictures and better selfies wipe out the dirt and any oil on the smartphone camera lens.

Look out for the sun

Sunny days with succulent green and deep blue skies offer perfect conditions to take photos. When preparing to take photos, always think of the sun’s direction. If you take photos in the sun’s direction, you will find out that the photo will have blown highlights that make it hard to identify the details. Some important ways you can avoid this is by providing a shade to the lens by, for example, your hand while ensuring that the hand doesn’t get captured by the shot. Also watch out where peoples shadows fall as you photograph them and know the best side to take a shot from, this will help avoid silhouettes in the photo.

Ensure you focus appropriately

The quality of a photo is greatly determined by how you focus. Smartphone cameras have greatly enhanced the focusing feature.  Do not just point to the subject and press the button, instead take your time ensuring that you have focused on your subject appropriately. Smartphones have a touch focusing feature. With this feature, if you touch the screen and find that the subject isn’t in focus yet then the distance may be the issue, and you might be too close especially for small subjects, you can move a little bit back.

Makes use of HDR

Almost all smartphones have the HDR mode, which combines numerous exposures to bring out an enhanced image. Using the HDR mode enables a photo to have further details in the scene’s bright and shadowed parts. Most smartphones have an auto HDR feature. However, if yours doesn’t have, you can always locate the manual HDR feature in your phone’s settings. HDR is best used with city and landscapes scenes as the blend of dark shadows, and bright skies can result in photos with undesired results. Particularly failure to turn HDR on can block details in shadows or can blow out the sky. Ensure that where appropriate, you take photos with the HDR mode on.

Keep the phone steady

Just as it is the case with any camera when taking photos with your smartphone always ensure that it is firm. While today, phones offer AI correction and optical image stabilisation for handshakes, it is always better to ensure that you don’t shake your hands while taking photos. Some ways you can ensure that your phone is stable when taking photos include using both hands instead of just a single one or using external support.

Avoid using in-app cameras.

While it may be tempting to use cameras of apps such as Instagram, the fact is that in-app cameras often don’t utilise all the features that phone cameras offers can result in tin unclear and poor quality photos. Specifically, in-app cameras may lack features such as AI, night mode and choice of lenses, for best shots make use of your phone’s camera.

Make use of night mode

One of the greatest advancement that smartphone photography has had is night mode. While taking photos at night always ensure your smartphone camera is on night mode. This mode helps the phone’s camera correct, clean up and come up with a great photo even in night time scenes.

In conclusion, having a smartphone with a great camera isn’t enough; instead, one needs to equip themselves with the needed tips and trick and with this article, these tips and tricks are covered.

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